Make Up Monday: 9/29

At my old job, I had a certain problem with keeping all my make up in place all day.  I previously thought my sorrows were due to having to run around all crazy all day, but I realized it was more of my oily skin and al-ways-touch-ing-my-face. I love myself so much I have to touch my face all the time.  The office is no different.



After my long obsession with watching YouTube videos about make up to go to bed, I discovered the NYX dewy setting spray to seal in my make up.  I am normally a 100% go matte person, but I just like the fresh look that the dewy setting spray gives me.  Aside from it sealing in my make up for the day, I get a little illumination and an airbrushed look.




Daily Dose 9/26

It’s hard to believe that September is basically over.  Like, I can’t even.  That’s the theme of today’s post.  I just can’t even.



My boyfriend’s first experience with Korean BBQ



Went hiking on an early Sunday morning and it was glorious



So…this is real….



Basic: Lilly Scarf, VV Tervis, and Pumpkin spice latte

Have a great weekend!

Work It

There comes a time in a girl’s life that her Longchamp tote is no longer considered professional, but rather juvenile.  I felt that way when I got to my office job.  It’s not that I felt unprofessional with a Longchamp, I just felt that I had a lot to bring to work with me, and the Longchamp is just a vacuous space where I lose things and I end up being a huge mess.

Commence my search for cute work bags:


My ideal bag is a structured and neutral bag. It definitely has to be sleek enough to be able to drag to dinner, drinks, or shopping after work.  The boyfriend likes to go to dinner as soon as I step in the door, and I do not like to unpack and re-pack when I get rushed back out the door.

Working Neutral

The weather, I know it, will be getting slightly cooler soon.  Aside from the fact that my office is already an ice cube (icle, did you see what I did there?), I have started to pull my thin sweaters out of storage and rocking them at work.  Refreshing to say I rock things at work.  That was definitely not the case at my previous job.

Another fun thing about work is that I can accessorize.  At my old job, accessories were prone to get in the way, or literally snatched off my hands by a creepy customer.  Now I get to look awesome and not so plain in my workday basics.

Crepe Brunch

This past weekend my sister and I found a little sweet spot (literally) for brunch.  While we love going out for a delicious brunch with outdoor seating we are not too keen on waiting in line.  I mean really, reservations for breakfast? Get out of town.  20141005-184210.jpg


Instead, we decided to go to Oby Lee, a small little place off the main strip in Clarendon.  It’s a Creperie that has sweet and savory crepes–oh, and breakfast crepes.  I also love their beverage selection.  From your standard coffee (I got Pumpkin Pie Latte, duh) to mimosas, it’s a great breakfast place.


Make Up Monday: 9/22

I have been sitting on this week’s pick for QUITE some time.  Even before I started this series on the blog.  I just wanted to see how it would work out–and especially if it lives up to its name.

Cover FX Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne treatment is something I like to use with my high end foundations.  Here is my theory: if I pay a lot of money for foundation, it sure as hell better stay on my face and last all day, amirite? Not that the product itself needs to stay, but I need it to stay because I cannot afford to use more product to re-apply.

I like it because my foundation does stay on, and my face does stay matte. I don’t use it consistently to know if it actually fights acne, but it doesn’t irritate my skin, so that’s a plus.

Book of the Month: Saturday

I usually have a list of books that I wish to read from, but such is life that I get distracted and deviate from my plans.  What else is new? Upon reading up on the Ohio State game a few weeks ago, I came across an article about my boo, Frank Beamer.

The author of the article co-wrote Frank’s autobiography.  Wait, Frank Beamer has an autobiography??? Yup, you can see where I am going here.  I dropped everything, downloaded Let Me Be Frank and just spent the next few days reading about Frank. 

To someone who is not a Virginia Tech fan, it may be the most boring book in the world.  For members of the Hokie Nation cult (cue Metallica’s Enter Sandman), it is the best book every.  Whilst reading it, I definitely realized that all the Virginia Tech urban legends were not only TRUE, but were also apart of Frank Beamer’s life.  Oh, hallway slip and slide? FRANK BEAMERS ROOMMATE.

That’s really all I have to say.  I love Beamer, even if our team isn’t doing quite as great as we had hoped.  I mean, we beat Ohio State, and that’s all that matters.

Daily Dose 9/19

More than a month in, I am definitely getting the swing of things at work.  I especially love that my co-workers got other things going on in their lives too, so I don’t feel so quite as bad when I choose to leave work early.  The beauty of having a flexible job, I tell ya! 20141003-051501.jpg


My first taste of a soup dumpling and it was glorious



Work on my desk



Casual Friday calls for a PSL



The best Insta that there ever was: Dilfs of Disney Land

Have a great weekend!

Game Day Corn Dip

One of the greatest things I discovered while in Pharmacy School was the glory of corn dip.  Sound so simple doesn’t it.  Well my friend Allyson, a simple country girl, started bringing it to all of our potlucks and it would FAST.



It basically has all the qualities of my favorite foods: creamy, spicy, sweet, cheesy.



One lovely chipful bite.

Allyson’s recipe:

-2 bars of cream cheese (low fat is fine)

-1 small bag of frozen corn (bags have more corn, i made the mistake of using a can)

-Jalapeños from the can with a splash of the water if you like it spicy–or none at all if you don’t

-Shredded cheese (used Colby Jack)

-Seasoned salt


-Cayenne Pepper

-Onion Powder

-Garlic Powder

1) Preheat the oven to 400 to 425 degrees

2) Soften the cream cheese

3) Combine cream cheese, corn, jalapenos, a handful of shredded cheese, and a splash of milk.

4) If it thickens up because the corn is so cold, you can microwave it for a min or so.

5) I don’t measure any of the seasonings so basically whatever you think is good. I do add a lot of cayenne, but I like it spicy. If I had to guess I’d say it’s about a teaspoon or 2 of each?

6) After everything is mixed up, put it in a baking dish (don’t forget the Pam) and put shredded cheese on top to cover.

7) Bake it for 15-20 mins You basically just want the cheese to be melted and the center to be warm.

Boston from Afar

I tend to regret a lot of little things.  I end up turning down some great opportunities because I am afraid to deviate from the norm. This past weekend my cousins went to Boston to check out colleges (Haaaaahvaaaad and MIT, smarty pants).  At first I thought I was going to go–it was just one work day and I got to have free reign over the city.  Lies. I chickened out.

Those girls did have fun, and they brought me back a fun souvenir:



I guess it’s not quite as obnoxious as a Harvard hoodie or t-shirt, since I didn’t go there.  It’s also not as HARVARD as a hat that says Harvard.

These little cuties also got me an authentic Boston Cream Pie from the Omni Parker House, where legend says the recipe was perfected.  I would have taken a picture for you… but I ate them both really quickly.

I plan on going on a little getaway with my boyfriend to Boston very soon. Where are the must-see places in Boston?