Ice Cube-icle

One of the weirdest changes with my new job is that I am sitting. The whole time.  With my old job, I didn’t even have a chair to sit down when I did have a down period.  I was constantly running around and sweating beads during the work day. Not so much here…I am just sitting.

Something that I didn’t quite realize with stillness is that I realize how cold workplaces can be.  When I am running around, my body is fired up and I generate my own heat.  When I am just in one spot all day, I can definitely feel the chills.  It’s August, for goodness sakes and I am freezing! With some advice from my co-workers. I am turning my office into a little home and bringing my at-home warm comforts to work.


1. Comfy socks:  When I am at my desk (which apparently is all the time), my heels come off and my socks come on.  Sometimes I even bring some foot cream to work and working on my moisturizing game while I tap away on my keyboard.

2. Electric blanket: I am NOT kidding here, kiddos.  It is FRIGID up in the office (down in the office?  It’s in the basement). Space heaters are not allowed in the office, so I need some powered heat somewhere.

3. Mug: There’s nothing that a hot cup of coffee or tea can’t cure.  I need it.  Always.

4.  Snuggie: Judge all you want, but I need a blanket covering for my arms and I gotta work, so the snuggie is a fit.  There is a Harry Potter one that looks like the Hogwarts robes and I NEED IT.

5. Scarf:  My neck gets cold too?

6. Mug Warmer:  Here’s some physics for you–things that are warm and placed in a cold room do not stay warm forever. The mug warmer keeps your drink warm.



My favorite comfy socks: WICKED!


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