Make Up Monday 8/25

Remember when summer was all about laying out by the pool every day and working up a good tan? Yeah. Those were the days. Now my days are spent, you know, working. The only light I see is of the fluorescent variety.  That’s how I suddenly got obsessed with bronzer.  Fake it til you make it, right?

Contouring has gotten really big over the past year or two, so I really wanted to get into it so my chubby cheeks can look just slightly slimmer. I started off just using normal bronzer and blush, like the NARS combination.  It just didn’t look right.

Enter the Smashbox contour kit, where it includes a highlight, bronzer, and contour.  Apparently there is so much more to contouring than I thought.

It comes with the brush and step-by-step instructions (including which angle of the brush to use).  It’s basically fool proof when it comes to contour, so I really like it.  I think with better technique I could get better with the application.  I really like the ashy brown color of the contour, since it gives a more realistic hollow color.



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