A Night at the Movies

As the summer winds down, the joys of outdoor movies are ending.  Thanks to the new job, I am finally able to take advantage of these movies. There is something so old fashioned about hanging outside with a movie on a screen.  I don’t know, it just feels so organic. Also, free.

What isn’t enjoyable is that spaces (i.e. plots of land) are limited and you gotta get there fast and you gotta be ready to wait it out until the movie starts.  Seriously, these things end up looking like Woodstock or Coachella after a while, so planning ahead and packing a little dinner bag is helpful:


1) Picnic blanket, because your white jeans + grass is never a good idea

2) Bug spray, it is outside, after all

3) Sunnies, because the sun hasn’t set quite yet

4) Tervis for “juice” and other beverages

5) Snacks to hold you out until the movie starts

6) Dinner for the actual movie

7) Dessert, just because.

What do you bring to an outdoor movie?


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