Office Inspiration

I have just a few more days until I start my new job, and I am super excited to start a new adventure in my life.  As you know, I had previously been struggling with finding my fashion voice in my every-day work wear.  I felt frumpy and uninspired. I always felt rushed in the morning and I just didn’t feel like I was making an effort.

I love reading fashion blogs, especially DC blogs, since that is where I live.  I shared a few of my favorite work wear blogs a few weeks ago, but as I dove in for more inspiration, I found that many blogs were just girls trying to look different.  I could never wear what they wear to work, I would be laughed at and sent home.  Too many layers, too many textures, too many mid drifts (???).

As I turned to the god of all answers, Pinterest, I found some pretty good looks for a normal office (and more inspiring professional blogs).

A good look for pants:

From The Classy Cubicle

A good look for a skirt:

From A Fashion Deliberation

A good look for dresses:



So where else should I be looking? I need to look like a professional, not someone trying to make a quick buck on her blog.


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