Make Up Monday: 8/4

My love of eyeliner knows no bounds. I have basically tried every type of eyeliner out there.  This love, however, comes with its hate.  With the way my eyes are shaped, I smear and smudge a lot and it ends up beneath my eyes on the regular. I look like a hot mess by the end of the day.

Many people have suggested I try out liquid liner since it dries quickly and it dries hard–it solidifies and stays in place. My problem with liquid liner is that I cannot control the application.  The sponge tip or brush is just way too thin and any deviation from a solid line is incredibly noticeable.

With my spending freeze, I have been going back into my bucket of eyeliners to see if I can revive any life into old liners that I have failed with. One that I have brought to life lately is the Urban Decay 24/7 waterproof liquid eyeliner.


Seeing the brush tip scared me a little bit since my past experiences with brush tip liners have been messy. As long as I have a strong tip, rather than a fanned out tip, I can definitely get with the program.



The liquid goes on smoothly.  If I am able to anchor my application arm on the table, then it can go on pretty smoothly.  Since I have managed to control the shape of the brush, I like that I can make it even with both thick and thin strokes.



At the end of the day, my liner is still in place and I am not looking messy.  I am a fan of this again, all with the low cost of digging through my make up stash. Maybe this will encourage me to keep digging through my hoard of cosmetics to find something else to love again.


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