Daily Dose 8/29

I feel like summer just started and I had so much to do.  And then I blink and it’s the end of August.  LOLWUT



Jackie and some drug names.  Does Jackie know her drugs?



I got a Venti Soy PSL with 2 extra shots. I had a free drink.  The barista gave me that weird look you just made too.



The truest tweet I ever saw from a dude.



An old school lunch for the boyfriend. #Wifemeup

Have a great weekend!


Ice Cube-icle

One of the weirdest changes with my new job is that I am sitting. The whole time.  With my old job, I didn’t even have a chair to sit down when I did have a down period.  I was constantly running around and sweating beads during the work day. Not so much here…I am just sitting.

Something that I didn’t quite realize with stillness is that I realize how cold workplaces can be.  When I am running around, my body is fired up and I generate my own heat.  When I am just in one spot all day, I can definitely feel the chills.  It’s August, for goodness sakes and I am freezing! With some advice from my co-workers. I am turning my office into a little home and bringing my at-home warm comforts to work.


1. Comfy socks:  When I am at my desk (which apparently is all the time), my heels come off and my socks come on.  Sometimes I even bring some foot cream to work and working on my moisturizing game while I tap away on my keyboard.

2. Electric blanket: I am NOT kidding here, kiddos.  It is FRIGID up in the office (down in the office?  It’s in the basement). Space heaters are not allowed in the office, so I need some powered heat somewhere.

3. Mug: There’s nothing that a hot cup of coffee or tea can’t cure.  I need it.  Always.

4.  Snuggie: Judge all you want, but I need a blanket covering for my arms and I gotta work, so the snuggie is a fit.  There is a Harry Potter one that looks like the Hogwarts robes and I NEED IT.

5. Scarf:  My neck gets cold too?

6. Mug Warmer:  Here’s some physics for you–things that are warm and placed in a cold room do not stay warm forever. The mug warmer keeps your drink warm.



My favorite comfy socks: WICKED!

Legend of the Samurai

It’s a little-known secret that I love a good challenge.  I started doing Sudoku puzzles when I was working a call center raising money for the university.  I used to get these puzzles in like 15 seconds flat.  I was that good and I am not ashamed of it.

Now that I technically work at a call center again, I am bringing back my old challenge roots.  I love a good Samurai Sudoku to help flex my brain muscle. 20140909-074448.jpg


I am basically the biggest nerd in the world. I feel like it keeps my brain sharp and it makes me believe that I an accomplish the rest of my day.

Back to School Planners

One of the things I miss the most about school is going school-supply shopping. I was actually pretty upset last year when I was watching people justify the purchase of pretty school supplies.  The only thing that made it better was that I had a reason to buy a new planner.  If I can only justify the purchase of one planner, I had better make it a good one.

Here are the planners I am loving this year:



Make Up Monday 8/25

Remember when summer was all about laying out by the pool every day and working up a good tan? Yeah. Those were the days. Now my days are spent, you know, working. The only light I see is of the fluorescent variety.  That’s how I suddenly got obsessed with bronzer.  Fake it til you make it, right?

Contouring has gotten really big over the past year or two, so I really wanted to get into it so my chubby cheeks can look just slightly slimmer. I started off just using normal bronzer and blush, like the NARS combination.  It just didn’t look right.

Enter the Smashbox contour kit, where it includes a highlight, bronzer, and contour.  Apparently there is so much more to contouring than I thought.

It comes with the brush and step-by-step instructions (including which angle of the brush to use).  It’s basically fool proof when it comes to contour, so I really like it.  I think with better technique I could get better with the application.  I really like the ashy brown color of the contour, since it gives a more realistic hollow color.


Subscription Saturday: August

Today is a bittersweet day: it’s going to be my last PopSugar box for a while, due to my spending freeze. It’s wonderful to get a small gift from my secret self every month, but sometimes it isn’t quite worth the $40 for stuff I don’t really need.  That’s not to say that the box is not worth it–it’s totally worth it when I want to try new products, but I don’t really need to right now.



1) Kendra Scott Earrings ($52). I love these earrings, however I see a ton of knock offs flying around, so they aren’t particularly special but they are good quality.

2) Paddywax Ocean Tide + Sea Salt Mini Jar Candle ($10). It smells deliciously of the beach, and it would be a nice addition for the fall when I start to get sick of pumpkins

3) Goodbyn Meal and Dipper Set ($8). I love a good lunch box, especially with compartments. Now that I get to eat lunch in the office, I need some lunch boxes and this definitely helps!

4) Mason Jar Cookie Company Celebrate cookie mix ($12). Food. I like food.  And I wish the mix had come in an actual mason jar.

5) Lollia Last Perfumed Shower Gel ($22). I love getting bath products because I know I’ll use them eventually.  Usually I stick to drug store brands because of my couponing, so a pretty fresh one makes me feel pampered.

6) Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip ($22). I love love love Bite cosmetics, so I am thrilled to get a gloss in this box.

7) thinkThin Brownie Crunch Protein Bar. This was an extra and I will always welcome a snack.

Total: $126

I hope I totally do not miss out on a great September box, but canceling the subscription for now is the best thing for my wallet.

Daily Dose 8/22

I am oh so happy to have another weekend off.  It’s funny how a job can really put life into perspective and make you appreciate the little things. It really helps me enjoy the rest of the week as well:



Baked and Wired cupcakes always makes my life.



Duffins, or Donut Muffins.



I like to work on Sudokus at work…Samurai Sudokus



A pretty new desk accessory



If any of you are wondering what I do now…..

Have a great weekend!

A Night at the Movies

As the summer winds down, the joys of outdoor movies are ending.  Thanks to the new job, I am finally able to take advantage of these movies. There is something so old fashioned about hanging outside with a movie on a screen.  I don’t know, it just feels so organic. Also, free.

What isn’t enjoyable is that spaces (i.e. plots of land) are limited and you gotta get there fast and you gotta be ready to wait it out until the movie starts.  Seriously, these things end up looking like Woodstock or Coachella after a while, so planning ahead and packing a little dinner bag is helpful:


1) Picnic blanket, because your white jeans + grass is never a good idea

2) Bug spray, it is outside, after all

3) Sunnies, because the sun hasn’t set quite yet

4) Tervis for “juice” and other beverages

5) Snacks to hold you out until the movie starts

6) Dinner for the actual movie

7) Dessert, just because.

What do you bring to an outdoor movie?

Work Wear Wednesday

Thanks to the new job, I have started wearing some previously ignored pieces in my closet.  Working in a retail pharmacy, I had to give up some of my favorite clothing items.  Anything that was remotely uncomfortable or rides up funny had to be stowed away. Cardigans did not look good under white coats.


Until the spending freeze is over and I can buy some more office pieces, I am rotating some things around in the closet.  My go-to outfit is a pretty blouse under a cardigan (I have amassed so many), slim work pants, pretty flats (oh, I couldn’t wear all my pretty shoes!), and some fun earrings.

Ramen Town

So huge news broke in DC last week. Like people went crazy. Chef David Chang is opening one of his restuarants, Momofuku, in DC. People are losing their minds.  Me? I am just excited there is a real possibility of another real Ramen House opening in town. In the mean time, I am enjoying the delicious broths of Sakuramen in Adam’s Morgan and Tanpopo in Annandale.

I first discovered the wonders and genius of David Chang on Season 1 of Mind of a Chef. It is all sorts of weird and unique ideologies of cooking. He’s known for making tradition untraditional.  I can’t wait to sit in an extraordinarily long queue when this place opens!