At-Home Mani

Hey, remember that spending freeze? That means not going out for manicures. But what is a girl to do when her nails are looking rough? Oh that’s right! Do it myself! I mean, I did amass a huge collection of nail polishes, top coats, scrubs, and other implements, right?



Remove polish or freshen your nail. I like these wipes I had gotten from a PopSugar box a few months ago.  Meant for travel, but it is perfect for the lazy heart.



A little Tweezerman set I had gotten in New York at a Duane Reed



Get under the nail to get that crap out. Like I said… rough



I use a hand scrub from Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa called the “60 Second manicure” it is an exfoliant that turns into a luxurious cream.



Nice, clean, and pampered.



Polishes for this week: Julep base and top coat, and an OPI neutral (Samoan Sand)



Looks great, clean, and best of all, FREE


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