Make Up Monday 7/28

I am completely unashamed in my obsession with make up (exactly why I need a spending freeze, right?). For one last hurrah, I wanted to share a haul I had from Ulta a few weeks ago.  And to be honest, it’s really just a NYX haul since it was 40% off the whole line! I also got some brushes that I had been eying, so let’s dig in:



1) Two Timer eyeliner: Kohl pencil liner on one end and felt tip liquid liner on the other. Because I love eyeliner to no end.

2) Wonder pencil: I love it so much I had to buy another one.  It is seriously one of the best concealers out there.

3) Cream Lipstick: I got it in Gala. Like its matte counterpart, the cream lipstick lives up to its name.

4) Dewy Finish make up setting spray: I love the matte spray, and have heard great things about the dewy finish look. Maybe I won’t look so flat?

5) Stay Matte but not Flat foundation: speaking of flat…..Emily Noel on youtube calls this the best liquid foundation at the drug store level, so I am excited to try it out.

6) Matte finish make up setting spray: again, stocking up on something I love.

7) HD Studio photogenic foundation: I am always intrigued by HD foundations and seeing if it lives up to its name.

8) Eyebrow shaper: I am in love with this chunky wax pencil.  Because it is clear, it gives a natural look when you do your brows.

9) Real Techniques Core Collection: Best of their brushes for face application. Includes a detailer, pointed foundation, buffer, and contour brush.

10) Real Techniques Starter Kit: A ton of eye shadow brushes to provide a complete detail.  While I love love love my eyeshadow brushes from ELF, I need something better.  YouTube land has been raving about these brushes so I really wanted to try them out.


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