Spending Freeze

So the cat is out of the bag–I have a new job.  Bad news, this job pays substantially less than my current job and I need to cut back on my spending until I have everything under control and can make some adjustments with my loan payments.  That being said, I am putting myself on a spending freeze (during the middle of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, no less!). I know, it seems absolutely daunting at first, but I absolutely need it.

When I first got my job, I was so excited to be Miss Money Bags, and I spent, and spent, and spent, and bought useless things I do not even need, nor do I even know where they are.  It is so embarrassing.  So I have established a few rules for myself:


1) NO SHOPPING: really, I have so much stuff, I have no where to put it and it is scattered all over my bedroom floor.  If I am not going to die without it, there is a 100% chance I don’t need to buy it.  I don’t care if it’s on sale or if it’s a good price, I can buy it for probably cheaper or second hand once I get my finances under control. I also have a HUGE couponing stock pile, so I have no reason to buy toiletries, laundry detergent or make up.  I have no reason to buy anything because it seems like I have been preparing for this moment.

2) NO EATING OUT: I have plenty of food at home. I can go to the grocery store and buy food and cook it and it will probably be better and more satisfying than anything I could buy in a restaurant.  My sister is on board with this one since we are enablers for one another.  We decided we are only going to go out for planned meals once a month.

3) NO SNACKING: A snack here and there really adds up.  When I look at my credit card statement and I see a bunch of small charges to CVS for the occasional soda and bag of chips, I cringe.  I mean, it REALLY adds up.  This will also help with the old weight problem that I have with snacking at work throughout the day.

It sounds like a daunting task, but I really need to do it. I have also found some ways to help me out with my freeze:

1) Gift cards.  I have tons of gift cards.  More than gift cards, I have tons of credit card points that will give me $100 gift cards.  I can use these as gifts, or get the cards to buy wedding presents.  I can also use cards like Wal-mart and buy some groceries to reduce the spending I am allowed to do (I know, I am cringing too).




2) Use everything I have.  Again to the stock pile.  I have more shampoo, soap, and lotion than I can count.  I have more make up than a tranny. If anything, I am now forced to use up everything before it goes bad, and then I get to re-discover some old favorites.

3) Cook healthy and eat at home. My parents hate that I work late and eat at work.  At least now I can eat something she makes for free (win-win, eh?)

4) Bring a water bottle to work.  I have so many water bottles, and a water filter, and tons of those Mio water enhancers, that I should be able to enjoy some flavored water for free.  I definitely need to use the resources I have instead of just buying something.

This freeze will go on for two months, so I am REALLY looking forward to the end of September (holy cow, where did all the time go??)


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