Orlando Snaps

Remember when trips meant vacation and relaxation? Yeah, no. When you are an adult, most trips are business trips.  While you get to go to fun locations, you are basically all cooped up in a windowless room all day and you don’t get to enjoy the change in scenery. With that said, I just wanted to share my version of my Orlando trip with you all.



We stayed at the Buena Vista Palace at Disney World, so I did get quite the fun view of Downtown Disney. It is REALLY pretty at night.



This was our meeting space. Hungry women discussing things for 10 hours leads to many snacks and refreshments.



On our last night, we had dinner at Downtown Disney and a little bit of souvenir shopping.  Found this hilarious shirt for my boyfriend.  When I sent him a picture of it, he begged me to get it so he could wear it to Fantasy Football Draft Day with his friends.

Fear not, I have to go to Orlando next year (for the same reason) and hopefully I will get a smidge more free time to enjoy the children-infested streets of Orlando.


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