Make Up Monday: 7/21

The reason I started these Make Up Monday posts is because I love trying out new products.  I love re-visiting older and forgotten products. I especially love seeing what all the hype is about with some other products. In the end, I just love make up and love to see what else is out there.

When I went to New York, I skipped many of the more famous landmarks and bee-lined it to the flagship ELF store. Not on very many people’s list, right?  I’ve always loved ELF products, but actually being in a store and getting to try stuff out is phenomenal.  Sure, I can buy them in the store at Target, but TESTERS! One of the products I have been dying to “test” is the Moisturizing Foundation Stick.



I love the Daily Moisturizing Stick from ELF. It is incredibly hydrating throughout the day, so seeing a foundation form of it got me super excited.  I was a little suspicious since I was surely not a fan of other foundation sticks that I have tried (I’m looking at you, Maybelline).


It is a nice solid stick with the perfect consistency.  With other sticks I have used, it was way too soft and would cake on my face or it was way too hard and chalk on.  In the immortal words of Goldilocks, this little gem was just right.  It smears on easily without resistance and gives a nice thin layer with buildable coverage.



The shade I got was perfect for my skin (my hands are darker than my face here) and I hope to get a darker one so I can play with some contouring.  This product is definitely a thumbs up for me.  I had featured it in my Packing for Orlando trip since it is not liquid and I don’t have to put it in my TSA plastic bag.  Great all around.


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