Book of the Month: July

Ahhh..I finished this book just in the nick of time! I have had a little e bit of trouble finding a time to catch up on my reading this month, but I had plenty of time to read it on the plane to Orlando.  Side note: I was not the only person reading it on the plan.  The lady in front of me and he lady next to me were also reading it, among others.  We were all sobbing on the plane. You guessed it, we were reading The Fault in our Stars

Ok so I love Hazel.  Girlfriend keeps it real. She doesn’t talk about her cancer like it is her crutch, but rather she talks about how people baby her and give her “Cancer Perks”.  It’s basically like a real (but fictional) story about cancer patients.

So it did not “hit me in the feels” like other people would say.  And I mean this in the least cold-hearted way possible.  Cancer does not scare me nor does it affect me.  I find myself a little immune to the scary connotations of cancer.  I work with some cancer patients and I feel like they get enough of that from their caregivers, so that’s probably why I relate to Hazel so much.


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