Packing for Orlando

Remember when I called this a “What I do on my day off” blog? Yup, I find myself sharing what I pack on my infrequent trips–however I find them coming up more often these days. I am leaving for Orlando early Friday morning for a meeting.  I am a little bummed since I know the Harry Potter park has just expanded to Diagon Alley, and I can’t go!

In any case, our hotel is right next to Downtown Disney, so I expect to do some exploring and chilling poolside.  Outfit discussions are in order!


I have a dress for my meeting, one for exploring, and a one piece for the pool.  For some reason I am loving white shoes this summer. I have coordinating bags for each occasion, although I probably will end up using my Longchamp for all three.

Of course with every trip, I have a Carry On Obsession and I need everythng with me at all times:


I’ll be using my Longchamp as my carry-on, which means I will need to be efficient with space: my Wallet, that also doubles as a cell phone case. A travel pillow, because I have suffered through many terrible flights. My iPad, for work and also to read my books, now that I am digitized. Planner and pens, so I can jot notes down on the go.  I need my make up bag with me always for touch ups. Lastly, a snack–I am hungry. Always.

travel beauty

Lastly, now that I am in a good cosmetic kick, I am all about keeping a pretty face, but also compartmentalizing my travel make up bag.  I love my Marc Jacobs eyeliner, so that is a must.  For shadow, I love how compact, easy, and beautiful the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick is. For blush/bronzer, I like the NARS mini duo with the ELF brushes I use for each side.  Also another love is the Marc Jacobs Lipstick (Role Play is exquisite). Face wise, I cannot be without my Cetaphil and Aveeno, so I got mini sizes of each for TSA regulations.  I have many sample sizes of the Benefit PoreFessional primer, so it’s a good time for me to use all those samples Sephora keeps throwing at me. Same with Foundation.  When I travel, I prefer a stick foundation so I don’t have to give up precious room for a big bottle of foundation.

What are your travel must haves?


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