Meet Peet


I take my coffee habit very seriously. Before Advocare, I was a solid barista crafted coffee cup kinda girl.  I was also a Caribou> Starbucks believer.  In March, I was fraught with disappointment when I learned that Caribou was bought out and were closing all its stores.  Farewell, my delicious-non-burnt coffee friends.

I was only slightly feeling better when I also learned that Peets, the company that bought out The Bou, was planning on opening in the former locations.  After a few short months of generic remodeling, my local Peet’s has finally opened and the taste test has occurred.



+1 for the Harry Potter-like font



The test: Caramel Macchiato and a delicious pastry (Apple Tart). The coffee is a midway taste between the burned taste of Starbucks and the Over-sugared taste of Caribou. The Apple Tart? HEAVEN on earth.  It is everything a pie should be, in mini form.

Con: no hot breakfast sandwiches. What is with these West-Coasters thinking they can change everything in DC?


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