Pro-Fashion-al Inspiration

Real Talk: I don’t consider myself a real blogger.  I sure as hell do not consider myself a preppy-makeup-foodie-style-professional style-fashion blogger.  While I teeter closer to a lifestyle blogger, I am more of a This-is-what-I-do-on-my-day-off blogger.

With all the commotion in careerland right now, I am absolutely loving professional style blogs. I am convinced that these blogs are the reason I yearn for the switch to office-type jobs–because I so desperately want to look and feel fabulous while pretending to make a difference in the world.  I have three that are my go-to favorites right now:

1) The Mindy Project Style: Outfit inspirations from Dr. Mindy Lahiri and Mindy Kaling IRL

What it is: snapshots from the show and Mindy Kaling instagram, shows us where to buy, and less expensive alternatives.

Why I love this: Have you SEEN the Mindy Project? It’s a South Asian girl who is a doctor living up a preppy life in New York. This show might as well be about me. I love her style. AND THAT DOCTOR MONEY

From Repli-Kate It Facebook Page

2) Repli-Kate It: Dress like Kate Middleton at a peasant price:

What it is: Finally, someone who lives Kate Middleton as much as I do. Brittany finds what Kate is wearing, finds the brand, finds where to buy it AND finds where to get it for less.

Why I love this: See this print above?? Brittany drew this, and many other original prints, and sells them for charity. AMAZING and amazingly talented. She also has a facebook page where we can follow along on her findings and other Kate news (baby bump??)

(From Capitol Hill Style)

3) Capitol Hill Style: Smart timeless pieces for the Professional Lady in you

What it is: a true DC girl (like me) is sick of seeing the same lackadaisical style options that professional women are resorting to (also like me). While she is parting with DC for a smart time for grad school (like my former self), she is maintaing the same posts (multiple times a day) and giving us the skinny on the best options for work wear.

Why I love this: She keeps it real. Everything I am afraid to say, she will do it.  She recently called out J. Crew on their over pricing, vanity sizing, and serious decline in quality, AND I LOVE IT. She also picks great pieces, offers different options on your income level (paid official, paid staffer, unpaid intern–love!), as well as your size.  It’s hard to find someone who even acknowledges plus sizes these days.

Fingers crossed that everything in job-world will work out for me. When it does, maybe I can be the fashion lover I was once again.


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