Profession Confessions

Ever since I started my career as a retail pharmacists–and even during my 4th year rotations, I found myself in a fashion slump.  I guess I had been deteriorating all throughout Pharmacy School.  I started out with super cute outfits for labs and professional days, and somehow got swayed in a lazier way of dressing.  I guess the people around me kind of affected me as well, since they weren’t exactly trying as hard.  I felt like I could get away too.

Well, I got a secret for you guys, I am contemplating a new path in my career.  I wouldn’t exactly call it a career change, since I still would be a pharmacist, but I am looking at other options beside the traditional role of a pharmacist.  While nothing is set in stone, I’m back on the interview path. That means more power suits (and keeping it feminine) and wearing the fabulous heels I keep buying and not being able to wear.

Tomorrow is the first of (hopefully) many interview days and I am stressing over what I should wear.  With so many professional fashion blogs out there, I feel like a traditional suit is frowned upon.  However, I do appreciate the standards of the interview world, so I will probably go that route with a twist.  I’m not interviewing for Judge John Roberts, so no black suit and panty hose for me.


I am going with a brown suit and a blue collar-less blouse. Sooo untraditional I know. I am topping it off with some silver jewelry and a gorgeous pair of cognac pumps from Ivanka Trump. Although I am mismatching with a black Kate Spade bag, it’s the only professional looking bag I own. Oops.

Wish me luck!


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