Advocare Favorites

After almost 2 months of Advocare, I have come to love some of their products.  While not specifically on the 24-day challenge, I like to use a lot of their supplemental products to help me throughout the day. I just wanted to share some of my favorites, as they have become a mainstay in my life, especially my hectic mornings.



1) Coffeccino: It is basically a coffee version of the Spark drink.  I have stopped drinking coffee, but surely cannot give up the taste of coffee, so the Coffeccino is pretty delicious and a good replacement for my morning Starbucks.

2) Mandarin Orange Spark: Mandarin orange is my favorite flavor, so much that I got an enormous canister of it, which is about a little over 40 servings.  We figured it was a little bit more economical to spend the money on a big can, rather than get the little packets. Also, it tastes like orange juice–I found the others to be a little bit too sweet.

3) Chocolate Mocha meal replacement shake: For the mornings that I just do not have time to eat (almost every working morning), I love downing a shake.  It is probably one of the best meal replacement shakes I have every had–thick and flavorful.  I have had both the chocolate and the chocolate mocha, and the mocha version is just something else.  Maybe it is my love of coffee that just makes me love it.

4) AdvoBar: While I was on the challenge, I discovered the AdvoBar for my snack time.  It is a rich chocolate snack bar, and it tastes like a yummy candy bar.  It has the consistency of a meal replacement bar, so it takes a little while to get it down (mostly because I am running around during work)

If you have any questions or are interested in starting your Advocare journey, feel free to email me or read up on it here.


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