Heavy Duty

What is it about the male psyche that puts cleaning at the very end of the priority list? It’s just something I never quite understood.  Now think about what a pharmacy looks like when a long line of males have worked there and not given a care in the world about cleanliness.



Seriously, there have been things down here since 2003. And I thought I had a problem letting things go <Insert ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen here>



So when I finally took everything out, I found water mold.  Also, see that yellow stuff? That is a pair of rubber cleaning gloves that had been there so long they were stuck to the bottom of the cabinet. Like, I could not pry it clean.



Look how much cleaner! Wanna know how I did it? I had to clean in my heavy duty reinforcements: Goo Gone, WD-40, a ton of Lysol, and a razor blade (like the old school single ones–don’t use your Venus razor). Working with some heavy duty chemicals, remember to don some rubber gloves to do the work (Oh, the irony) so your hands don’t suffer the consequences.


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