Post-Wedding Beau Bag

Way back when, Kate Spade released the Beau Bag–and let’s be honest– gave bags to some bloggers so they can write posts about what’s in their Beau Bag. Well. I was not one of those bloggers.

A few months later (and this past weekend, actually), I snuck into the Kate Spade outlet in Leesburg and they had probably one of the best sales ever. EVER. Not only is everything in the store already marked down to outlet pricing, but everything in the store was 50% off!! BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE: all hand bags were an additional 20% off as well! So my 2 Park Ave Beau Bag (a smaller version of the original) was originally $428, marked down to $325, slashed to $162.50, THEN sliced up some more down to $130! While that is still not cheap it is a great deal.

Nothing is more desirable than a sleek white structured bag in the middle of summer, and that is what this bag is. It looks small, but boy is it cavernous on the inside. I was so excited about my outlet find that I carried it to the wedding Kevin and I had to go to the following day, thus my “Post Wedding Beau”



Don’t take a picture with your iPad. The quality is terrible 


Of course I have wedding essentials, but I am quite the weird person. I carry a lot of things with me, which is why I cannot carry a cute tiny evening clutch. Sorry, I am just always prepared.

1) Wallet–need cash to tip the bartender right?

2) Phone–I knew not a soul at the wedding except my boyfriend. Also, to take pictures.

3) Phone charger–this isn’t even for my phone. It’s for my boyfriend’s phone.

4) Pepcid–I GET ASIAN GLOW…this helps with it.

5) Gum–even though I had the best wedding food, I still had some pretty bad breath afterwards

6) Lipstick–Just for some touch ups. Marc Jacobs is still my favorite

7) Party favor–they had a little photo booth. Boyfriend and I had a ton of fun.

8) Sunglasses–it was an outdoor wedding.  It was hot and sunny and I’m pretty sure 70% of the people there were absolutely miserable.

9) Keys–gotta get home, right? Although the tassel is annoying, the texture is easy to recognize when I am digging for keys at the end of the night.



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