New Daily Routine

When I started Advocare back in May, I was really all about taking back my body.  I had let school and, eventually, work take over my life.  It was bad.  It was really bad.  My routine when I would start the day was to roll out of bed, get dressed, maybe grab breakfast, definitely a cup of coffee, brush my teeth, and head out. At the end of the day, I grab dinner on the run, storm back home, shower, brush my teeth, and hop back into bed with a Netflix binge.

What was missing? Did I mention moisturizing? Make Up? LUNCH? Yeah, there was a lot I was giving up for my crazy work schedule. I intend to fix this immediately. For now, I am working on just getting my mornings and evenings in order.  If I start well and end well, everything else should fall into place.

With a crazy stupid diet and super sensitive skin, I am taking a really big hit on my face and on my body. I have a few new go-to face items and use them judiciously in the morning and evening:

daily face

To start both face routines, I use my Clarisonic with Cetaphil.  I used to use a lot of other cleansers, but Cetaphil is gentle and I feel a clean difference in my skin instantly. I then use the Garnier Dark Spot corrector. I have a few uneven skin spots on my face, and that is something I am working on.  An older Vietnamese lady at work recommended it to me (must have been that bad, right?). In the mornings I finish off with Aveeno positively radiant moisturizer with SPF. In the evenings, I use the Aveeno positively radiant intensive night cream.

As for my body, I am very specific about what I use.  A childhood full of prescription creams and eczema makes me very wary of what I use.


In the mornings, I like to use the Vaseline Spray and Go.  It seemed very novelty at first, but I actually like it very much.  It absorbs very well and dries quickly.  When I am up early in the morning and need to be out the door, efficiency and key. I am only disappointed that my morning is not as quick as the commercial. Be aware–you need way more spraying than just the spraying one line down an arm.  It is more of an all-around spray and you rub it in a little.

Lastly, my sleep.  I give up a lot of sleep.  I try to get to bed by 11 (if I get home on time).  I ruin this sleep with my Netflix binging. Sometimes I get so excited about the plot that I forget to sleep until 2am. It’s bad.  Also, I sleep in whatever clothes I find, which is also terrible for my sensitive skin.  I am now back into granny pajamas and sleep masks. It has made a world of difference and I experience less wake ups in the middle of the night.  For those who thought Blair Waldorf was crazy for wearing a sleep mask, you are severely mistaken (guilty!).


VS Granny PJs, a thick headband to help with face washing (keeps my hair out), and a sleep mask with a gel insert to help with puffy eyes.


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