Make Up Monday: 6/30

Apparently 2014 has been the year of the brow game. I am being a lot more conscious about my eye brows–and for good reason.  I used to let those babies grow out until they looked like caterpillars.  So embarrassing, I know. So this year, I had been getting them maintained regularly and filling them in for max shape.

After trying out all sorts of powders and pencils, I found something I love that made me look much more natural.  I came across it after using a terrible shade for my brows. I looked like a red panda. Enter the wax pencil:

The NYX eyebrow shaper is a clear wax that helps maintain your unruly brows.  While it doesn’t fill in, it helps keep everything in place.  The extra wax coating also helps to darken my brows just a little bit that it looks filled in. This is a staple in my daily routine now. I am kinda in love with how natural it makes me look.  With other brow products, it looks so fake and plastic, but this is something that makes me feel good about myself.


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