Things I Should be Doing

The actual title of this post is really “Things I should be doing, but wasn’t doing, and now I’m paying for it, so I’m gonna start doing them.” Do you ever have really bad habits of omission? Like things you know you should be doing, but it just doesn’t seem like a necessity at the time, so you just ignore it? That is me. All the time. After getting common sense lectures from various people in my life (like, who do they think they are!), I am starting to make the change.


1) I never turn on my computer. I’m the kind of person who just closes it at the end of the night, because everything I like is open, therefore I would like it to remain there when I wake up in the morning. Fear of abandonment, I suppose. Oh boy, the lecture I got from my boyfriend.  He is convinced that is the reason my computers keep dying. He might be right. Maybe.

2) Flossing is so tedious and annoying.  My sister is a dentist, so the more she nags me about it, the less likely I will do it.  I guess I’ll grow up and start flossing regularly.  I don’t know what it is about me.  It’s not that I don’t floss, it’s that I only do it when I’m in the mood.  I am so weird.

3) Same with contact lenses.  Oh the looks of disappointment from my optometrist. Seriously.  Look, here’s the low-down, peeps. I work 13-hour days. I work several 13-hour days in a row. So when I get my butt up at 6am, I go to work, close at 9pm, and do not get home until around 10pm at the very earliest (that’s if I even leave work on time). That puts a projected bedtime at around 11pm. Like flossing, I find taking contacts out to be tedious. AND what if I over sleep? Do I really have the patience to put them in the morning when I gotta be out the door?? Ok, well, now I guess I gotta make time for it, amirite?

4) With my terrible time management when I’m at home, I find myself not doing common chores.  Not only do I wait until the dishwasher is full (takes several days) to start a cycle, I don’t even wash urgent things.  I also have a vast collection of used coffee mugs all over my bedroom.  The contents and length of time of said contents are also questionable. I am disgusting, and that is why I am changing this habit.

5) Dust. I am not a French Maid. I do not dust. I always found it to be a hobby of the older generation.  It’s possible the filter in this house is not up to snuff and that is why everything gets so gosh darn dusty, but I find it keeps everything looking fresh and it makes me want to keep everything clean. Little things.

Is there something else I should be doing that I’m not doing??


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