When Work Becomes your Boyfriend

I started this blog as an escape from school.  At some point, I had let school take over so much of my life that every sentence I uttered had to do with school, tests, exams, etc. I continued this blog into the work force so that every thing I talked about didn’t have to be about work, my bosses, my co-workers, my patients.

I do not like talking about work on this page, but sometimes work teaches me a really big life lesson that I feel I should share. Work has become my boyfriend. My real boyfriend is not too happy about it.  Because of work, I have abandoned all my friends in the name of work. The only thing I ever talked about was work.  I could not get enough of work. The only thing I loved more than work was more work.

After the honeymoon phase of work, work becomes fraught with disappointment. You care about work, but work doesn’t care so much for you. Work expects so much out of you–much more than it will ever plan on giving you. Eventually, you think you and work finally hit a nice stride after the trouble.  Wrong. Work will always woo you in by telling you how bright and young you are. Work will urge you to be your best and take advantage of your very best day and your successes. Then work leaves you for an older woman with much more experience and you are kicked to the curb.

Well, I didn’t get fired. But I did get screwed over in a pretty big way because someone who has been with the company a lot longer has this long list of ridiculous demands that they agreed with very very little resistance. I, however, was expected to accommodate these changes without a fight.

The most upsetting part is that I feel like I am being punished for no good reason. In all retail settings, the stores are scored on their tasks and customer service skills.  My store, which I led as manager, did pretty darn well and the other person’s store suffered a lot under her leadership. So my scores are stellar, hers are not, and she gets everything she asks for, and I get the shaft.

That’s where I am in my life right now.


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