Oh you know it is a very serious thing when I have a special Sunday post. If you have been living under the rock, you might want to tune into the World Cup at 6pm to watch us play Portugal today. Ever since the win over Ghana, I have been all over the hype videos for the USNT. As my high school had a great basketball team, and my college was a football powerhouse, I love me some home team cheers, so obviously I’m in love with #IBelieveThatWeWillWin.

What else am I in love with? ‘Merica. Apparently in other countries, they throw “America Parties” and it’s just a bunch of European college kids wearing everything American Flag. And I’m starting to to think they’re not far off. Also, they are infatuated with the idea that we only use red solo cups. I literally LOL’ed.

I was working during the Ghana game, so today I am ECSTATIC that I get to watch the game today after work. (Holler early sunday close). So what am I wearing to work? Not-so-subtle hints of the American Flag. Why? Because #IBelieve


This may also be my wardrobe for July 4th, where I am also not working! YAY!!!



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