Summertime Treats: Dresses

With summer in full swing, I like to dress like it. Not that I am into neon or crop tops, I just like the candy-colored clothing that come along with sweet old summertime.  I am someone who is a slave to neutrality. Oh how I love a black dress with a houndstooth pattern to “spice” things up. I need to get over it, without dressing like a 15 year old on her way to her permit test.

Summer dresses

There is something about a brightly colored sundress that screams SUMMER!  Sure, pastels are fine, but there is a fine line between sitting out on a patio drinking and spending Easter Sunday with your grandmother. I love a bright dress that I can just throw one of my neutral-colored cardigans over either for when I am chilly, or when I want to wear them to work and not shock everyone with neon.

Also, anyone notice how short dresses are these days? I swear I see butt cheeks hanging out the bottom on the regular. Modesty, ladies. Modesty.


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