Make Up Monday: 6/16

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day with their dads and dad-like figures. Sometimes I feel like these Make Up Monday posts are a little vain. Father’s Day reminded me that there will always be one man in our lives that think we are beautiful just the way we are. A rather old article about a father in the cosmetics aisle showed me that make up isn’t supposed to make us something that we are not, it is an outward expression of who we are.

Though I am guilty of wanting to have infallible skin or defy my age, I can’t imagine young girls wanting this. The CEO of Revlon once stated this his core product was not lipstick or blush, but it was “hope”. Kind of depressing. He’s not actually selling cosmetics, he’s selling the idea of beauty. Is this something we have enslaved ourselves to?

I feel like make up has always been empowering. Even on my crappiest day at work, in the absolute wrong-side-of-the-bed mood, I can throw on some make up and look fabulous. If I look great, eventually I will feel great. When people see someone so put together, they yield a bit more respect.  I should know, sometimes when I show up to work with no make up and looking haggard, people are absolute dicks to me. In an alternate experiment, I went a whole week being all done up and it was the best work week I had. Maybe we don’t use it to control ourselves, but to control other people.

Back to regular and ironic business…

The end of this week marks the Summer Solstice. It’s the meteorological beginning of summer, but I consider summer to be half over. The days are getting longer, but only until the end of this week, and then they get shorter and we take the quicker-than-you-know-it plunge into fall (Riding boots! PSL! SWEATER DRESSES!) For now, can we enjoy some summer beauty treats?



1) Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray ($15 for mini). This sea-salt smelling hair spritz gives an at-beach smell and a post-beach wave. Perfect for long days at work where you’d rather be somewhere else.

2) Evian face spray ($12). No joke, my mom has the huge canister and we she used it years ago to prevent sagging lines throughout the day. Mother does know best sometimes.

3) Maybelline Dream BB Cream ($9). Although I am not a huge fan of BB cream, I believe in a light foundation for the hot and sticky days (thanks, DC humidity).

4) Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sun Screen Spray ($10). Sunscreen is a MUST, and one that moisturizes is even better. I am loving these continuous all-angle spray moisturizers because I have a lot of trouble getting to my tricky spots.

5) Essie Nail Polish ($8.50). Bright polish, I’ve decided, is definitely the way to go. Disco Fever is perennial favorite and perfect for this year.

6) Clinique Chubby Sticks ($17). A Nice juicy gloss is what you need, and chubby sticks are here to say. Clinique has a great selection of colors, but don’t ignore the other drug store brands.

7) Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Mascara ($7) Definitely need lashes that pop. Remember to get waterproof as humidity, when it touches your skin, is like a torrential downpour on your make up.

8) Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzer ($7). Great for when you want to pretend that you have hit the beach, but you’re stuck at work (just like me).

9) Too Faced Naked Eye Palette ($36). No Make Up Make Up is kind of a thing now. Cheaper than any of the Naked Palettes, the Too Faced one has all the colors you need to pull off a natural sun-kissed look.


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