Confessions of a Thick-Legged Girl

I used to be skinny. If you had asked me in high school what my best asset was, I would have said my legs. They were slender, had great tone in my calves, and they made boots oh-so-chic.

Fast forward to college and these boots started to get a little harder to put on. Whatever, for a brief period between 2006-2009, boots were out, and Uggs were in. Frump city in town, I wore my jeans, leggings, yoga pants, sweat pants, no pants with Uggs. Say what you want about them, Uggs were warm as hell.

Ok, I then arrived to Pharmacy School and riding boots were in again. Sweater dresses and shirt dresses too. I felt like I had getting my sweater body ready for this season all though undergrad, but boy did my legs take a hit. Clunky-town. Actually, let’s face it, my legs had gotten really fat and I did not fit into a single pair of boots. Devastating. I couldn’t be as trendy as those other girls. During my first year, I was going through this identity crisis where I was dating this guy whose most recent girlfriend was a faux fashionable New York Socialite. I actually attribute this crisis with my current credit card debt.

Oh, right, I had a point. I didn’t fit into any boots, and the next best thing I could do was find wide-calf boots. FIRST: There is nothing wrong with having bigger legs. There is nothing wrong with having to buy wide-calf boots. The REAL problem is that they are SO HARD TO FIND. All the big boots that are super trendy out there, I could not wear.

I have never fit into a pair of Frye boots. Every pair of boots I wanted, I had to look at the calf circumference. Note to self: 16 inch half may SOUND big, but it is not. You would think rain boots would be forgiving, right? Wrong. Dead wrong.

This past year, I had much more luck with wide-calf boots that are right up my alley. Most recently, I discovered that Hunter DOES make wide-calf versions of there popular rain boots. The style is called “Huntress”. At least they made us sound stronger rather than bigger? I’ll take it. I got this during the 30% off sale a few weeks ago. Worth it.


This past fall, Target had brought back their Frye knock offs. Only available online, I perused the website until I saw those magic words: AVAILABLE IN WIDE. Oh the Lawd had answered my prayers. I finally fit in with all the other 20-something girls weilding skinny jeans and riding boots with their sweaters and North Face fleeces.



So. PLEASE TELL ME. What other brands cater to the thick-legged girl??


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