Make Up Monday: 6/9

UHHHHH New York was incredibly painful for my wallet. Not because of all the designer clothing, but all of the MAKE UP!  Instead of featuring a product today, I just wanted to share my NYC Make up Haul:


Duane Read: Gosh eyeliner, Pop Performance Mascara, Cargo Magic Brush, Avene Skin Regimen Kit. OH MY GOSH there is a Duane Read on every block and I could not resist stepping in to see what they all carry! It is insane the amount of high end cosmetics they carry! I’m talking Cargo, The Balm, Avene. Seriously, they have great stuff.



Mac: Lip Glass in Pink Lemonade, Contour Brush.  Ok, I know we have Mac at home, but there are never enough people in the stores to help me out. Also, intimidating. However, when in New York…. I love how approachable the sales associates are and how helpful they want to be. Definitely a change of pace from DC stores.



ELF: Moisturizing Foundation stick, BB Cream, Mineral cleanser, nail polish remover pads, lotion wipes, 3-in-1 polish coat, blush pallette, hydrating under eye primer, eyebrow treat and tame, small tapered brush, pointed foundation brush, angled blush brush.



YOU GUYZ! There is an ELF store here! Yes, I know they sell it at Target, yes, I know I can buy it online. HOWEVER. The entire line is here, right at my finger tips and ready for me to try! Also, no shipping! I got a bunch of stuff I have been dying to try, but not willing to commit until I try. Also, a bunch of stuff not found at Target. SO THERE.

Look for my entire NYC recap later this week!


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