Monogram of the Month: June

I think it has finally happened. I am out of monograms. Actually, the bracelet I wanted to feature, I lost a few months ago. I’m pretty sure I left it at one of the stores I was working at, or the Black Hole that is my room swallowed it. In a New York-artsy mood, I decided to create my own monogram.

For someone who loves monograms, it is silly that I don’t keep one so close to me.  Not wanting to splurge on a monogram sticker to slap onto the back of my planner, I decided to draw one by myself! My planner from Paper Source actually makes it incredibly easy to draw on a monogram free-hand and re-trace it with a metallic sharpie.



I may not be a VCU student anymore, but I can’t help but love how chic the school colors are when done tastefully. Also, I still pledge allegiance to Orange and Maroon. What can I say, I have an identity crisis.



I don’t remember the last time I used a pencil, but I am happy it shows up and erases well.




I used the Marley Lilly monogram app on my iPad background as my monogram inspiration. My Signature is messy, so I did not trust myself to just write my normal letters. Key tip in re-drawing something: don’t look at the image as a whole, look at them as lines and how one line connects to the next.


Re-trace the sketch with a gold (or other color) Sharpie. I found these on clearance at Target. I knew I had a reason to get these!



Only some of the lines got filled in. I like how rustic it can look, even though it’s shiny.

Now, what other things can I monogram??


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