Pool Day!

Happy Birthday to my daddy! In other news, the pool at our apartment has opened, and I am ready to soak up the sun on my days off.  I love being about to sit out with the sun beating on me with a good book in hand and an ice cold drink to sip on (even if it is ice water due to AdvoCare).

The best part is getting my cousins to come over and lay out with me while we laugh about our childhood and talk about future plans. But you know me, I have to pack a small bag to minimize trips back upstairs:

pool day

1) Cute pool bag. Mine is from Lilly

2) Cute bikini for the season

3) Sunglasses

4) iPhone so I don’t miss an important call

5) Jam Box to cast out my tunes

6) Book to catch up on some summertime reading

7) Beach towel, duh

8) Sun screen. I’m going for tan, not lobster

9) Cute tumbler for drinks

10) Easy flippies for walking to and from the pool.

What are your poolside essentials?



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