Make Up Monday: 6/30

Apparently 2014 has been the year of the brow game. I am being a lot more conscious about my eye brows–and for good reason.  I used to let those babies grow out until they looked like caterpillars.  So embarrassing, I know. So this year, I had been getting them maintained regularly and filling them in for max shape.

After trying out all sorts of powders and pencils, I found something I love that made me look much more natural.  I came across it after using a terrible shade for my brows. I looked like a red panda. Enter the wax pencil:

The NYX eyebrow shaper is a clear wax that helps maintain your unruly brows.  While it doesn’t fill in, it helps keep everything in place.  The extra wax coating also helps to darken my brows just a little bit that it looks filled in. This is a staple in my daily routine now. I am kinda in love with how natural it makes me look.  With other brow products, it looks so fake and plastic, but this is something that makes me feel good about myself.


Subscription Saturday: June

I am a little in love with every month getting a new PopSugar box. June is no exception to this love affair that I have. The best part about this subscription service is that, even at $40, the value of the box is always double to triple the cost. I’m talking about you, Birchbox, with your foil packets and sample sizes. Enough talk, let’s dig in.


1) The One and Only by Emily Griffin ($28). I’m excited for a new summer (or fall) read. I’m ready to be pool side with a book I cannot put down.

2) Sachajuan Shiny Citrus Body Lotion ($24). It smells SO GOOD and it feels incredibly luxurious. It claims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and calms irritation. Wouldn’t hurt to try, amiright?

3) Turkish-T Beach Towel ($32). Lesbi-honest. I’ve been interested in trying out a turkish towel since Ashley Tisdale sang about it in the second High School Musical movie. They are thin, but for some reason feel very absorbent. Magic, I tell you. This will match my book and beach bag perfect for when I go pool side.

4) You Smell Lemon Wet Wipes ($6). Antibacterial is sorta my thing. While these are expensive and glorified wet wipes, they smell deliciously citrus and will easily be thrown into my purse for one of those little emergencies.

5) Lollies Basic Hair Ties ($8). I am really not understanding this whole thing about re-vamping one’s hair tie.s I am perfectly fine with some thick black Sunci hair ties. I feel like using fancy ones make me scared to use them, since I am notorious for losing hair ties.

6) One Potato Two Potato ($2). I love me some kettle chips. Even with my teeth in bad shape, the extra crunch is a little amazing. I tried these in Hawaiian Barbecue and it was yummy. Can’t wait to try the other flavahs .

7) Native Union Gift Card ($15). By looking at the website, I see fancy-schamncy phone accessories, that will surely be on clearance at Urban Outfitters in a few weeks. But hey, maybe the boyfriend will find something he likes on here.

Total Value: $113

What other subscription boxes should I try out??


Daily Dose 6/27


This is the first week of my new work schedule. It actually isn’t too bad, but who knows. What I do know, is that some people have a little bit more crazy than others and maybe their priorities don’t lie where mine are. Juuuust saying. Other than that I had a pretty fantastic week:



Deep fried cheesecake with ice cream.



Adding a woman’s touch to a gross pharmacy



Decked out for the games this past week.



The joys of finding a secret stash of gift cards



Just because. Merica.

Have a great weekend!

Things I Should be Doing

The actual title of this post is really “Things I should be doing, but wasn’t doing, and now I’m paying for it, so I’m gonna start doing them.” Do you ever have really bad habits of omission? Like things you know you should be doing, but it just doesn’t seem like a necessity at the time, so you just ignore it? That is me. All the time. After getting common sense lectures from various people in my life (like, who do they think they are!), I am starting to make the change.


1) I never turn on my computer. I’m the kind of person who just closes it at the end of the night, because everything I like is open, therefore I would like it to remain there when I wake up in the morning. Fear of abandonment, I suppose. Oh boy, the lecture I got from my boyfriend.  He is convinced that is the reason my computers keep dying. He might be right. Maybe.

2) Flossing is so tedious and annoying.  My sister is a dentist, so the more she nags me about it, the less likely I will do it.  I guess I’ll grow up and start flossing regularly.  I don’t know what it is about me.  It’s not that I don’t floss, it’s that I only do it when I’m in the mood.  I am so weird.

3) Same with contact lenses.  Oh the looks of disappointment from my optometrist. Seriously.  Look, here’s the low-down, peeps. I work 13-hour days. I work several 13-hour days in a row. So when I get my butt up at 6am, I go to work, close at 9pm, and do not get home until around 10pm at the very earliest (that’s if I even leave work on time). That puts a projected bedtime at around 11pm. Like flossing, I find taking contacts out to be tedious. AND what if I over sleep? Do I really have the patience to put them in the morning when I gotta be out the door?? Ok, well, now I guess I gotta make time for it, amirite?

4) With my terrible time management when I’m at home, I find myself not doing common chores.  Not only do I wait until the dishwasher is full (takes several days) to start a cycle, I don’t even wash urgent things.  I also have a vast collection of used coffee mugs all over my bedroom.  The contents and length of time of said contents are also questionable. I am disgusting, and that is why I am changing this habit.

5) Dust. I am not a French Maid. I do not dust. I always found it to be a hobby of the older generation.  It’s possible the filter in this house is not up to snuff and that is why everything gets so gosh darn dusty, but I find it keeps everything looking fresh and it makes me want to keep everything clean. Little things.

Is there something else I should be doing that I’m not doing??

Loaded Meatloaf

One of the mainstays during my Advocare 24-Day Challenge was a yummy loaded meatloaf. Since we were to cut back on red meat, we used ground turkey and loaded it up with a ton of veggies.


Aside from a pound and half of ground turkey, we also added a half cup each of oatmeal (not the instant kind), carrots, orange pepper, and finely chopped onion. Add a dash of garlic and a dash of basil. Also, an egg. Mix it all up and pour a can of tomato sauce on top.


Bake at 350 Degrees for 1 hour. It’s a long wait, I know! But it is so worth it. In another recipe, I also added some chopped mushrooms and that was yummy as well!



Nice fresh green beans made this a perfect dinner.

When Work Becomes your Boyfriend

I started this blog as an escape from school.  At some point, I had let school take over so much of my life that every sentence I uttered had to do with school, tests, exams, etc. I continued this blog into the work force so that every thing I talked about didn’t have to be about work, my bosses, my co-workers, my patients.

I do not like talking about work on this page, but sometimes work teaches me a really big life lesson that I feel I should share. Work has become my boyfriend. My real boyfriend is not too happy about it.  Because of work, I have abandoned all my friends in the name of work. The only thing I ever talked about was work.  I could not get enough of work. The only thing I loved more than work was more work.

After the honeymoon phase of work, work becomes fraught with disappointment. You care about work, but work doesn’t care so much for you. Work expects so much out of you–much more than it will ever plan on giving you. Eventually, you think you and work finally hit a nice stride after the trouble.  Wrong. Work will always woo you in by telling you how bright and young you are. Work will urge you to be your best and take advantage of your very best day and your successes. Then work leaves you for an older woman with much more experience and you are kicked to the curb.

Well, I didn’t get fired. But I did get screwed over in a pretty big way because someone who has been with the company a lot longer has this long list of ridiculous demands that they agreed with very very little resistance. I, however, was expected to accommodate these changes without a fight.

The most upsetting part is that I feel like I am being punished for no good reason. In all retail settings, the stores are scored on their tasks and customer service skills.  My store, which I led as manager, did pretty darn well and the other person’s store suffered a lot under her leadership. So my scores are stellar, hers are not, and she gets everything she asks for, and I get the shaft.

That’s where I am in my life right now.

Make Up Monday: 6/23

Among my many NYC purchases, this Cargo Magic Brush has been a great go-to. I pledge allegiance to the Beauty Blender, but this brush is pretty fantastic.  There is one foundation that I cannot use with the BB (The Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Camouflage) but this brush does the trick! In a magic buffing motion, it takes care of all the blending and evening.



The thick-dome-shaped bristles of this brush is what it’s all about. It gives an air-brushed finish that other brushes cannot give.  I was inspired to buy this brush because I recently bought another foundation that provided an air-brushed finish, but the brush was teeny tiny. After hours of you-tubing, I saw that buying a larger brush of the same shape should do the trick. And that’s where we are.



Do you have your own go-to brush?? Is there something else out there I am living without? Let me KNOW!


Oh you know it is a very serious thing when I have a special Sunday post. If you have been living under the rock, you might want to tune into the World Cup at 6pm to watch us play Portugal today. Ever since the win over Ghana, I have been all over the hype videos for the USNT. As my high school had a great basketball team, and my college was a football powerhouse, I love me some home team cheers, so obviously I’m in love with #IBelieveThatWeWillWin.

What else am I in love with? ‘Merica. Apparently in other countries, they throw “America Parties” and it’s just a bunch of European college kids wearing everything American Flag. And I’m starting to to think they’re not far off. Also, they are infatuated with the idea that we only use red solo cups. I literally LOL’ed.

I was working during the Ghana game, so today I am ECSTATIC that I get to watch the game today after work. (Holler early sunday close). So what am I wearing to work? Not-so-subtle hints of the American Flag. Why? Because #IBelieve


This may also be my wardrobe for July 4th, where I am also not working! YAY!!!


Book of the Month: June

I am blowing through these books! The Divergent series was definitely a great read for me. However it took the decline of the Hunger Games series where the second book was a sequel and the third book was a completely different concept. I enjoyed finally seeing the conclusion of the “city” and its fate, even thought I was definitely not happy about the ending.

Now I can finally watch the movie!

Daily Dose 6/20

Even if I had the worst week last week, I managed to patch a few things up. My best go-to is food. I do love me some drinks and the most delectable things I can get my hands on. While my big changes at work are still in play, I have come to accept them and just let it happen.

Highlights from this week:



Thai Teas…because they are Ombre



My yoga mat vs. Boyfriend’s yoga mat



Swirl Margaritas…Pharmacy school style




I finally own a copy of the greatest movie ever made



Digging into a big ole bag of seafood

Have a great weekend!