OMG I saw Wicked last night and it was everything I could ever hope for. It was AH-MAZ-ING. Holy Cannoli. Just perfect.

On to regular business…If you have been following my Advocare Diary, I am enjoying a spark drink every day during this Advocare 24 day challenge.  They remind me of the Starbucks refreshers and are meant to replace the coffee in my life.

ME?? Give up coffee? Inconceivable! But yes, I have stopped drinking coffee and basically live off Spark. I drink one 30 minutes before breakfast and am pretty much set for the day. Even during my long 13 hours at work.  I am energized and focused.  When I am not working, I basically am a cleaning machine at home.  It gives me the ability to be productive and prevent the urge for me to sit around on my booty (as appealing as that actually does sound)–I just can’t sit still!

Advice: Citrus and Pink lemonade are delicious. Those were the flavors I chose. My boyfriend picked cherry and watermelon and they are horrid. We are waiting to get in a box of mandarin orange and fruit punch, so we can see what they all taste like and recommend.

It’s a little steep at $23 per box of 14, but let me tell you, it is well worth it, especially if it replaces your $5 Starbucks every morning.  Side note, I took this to New York with me and it is keeping me on my feet ALL DAY! Perfect for strolling the city. The little bit of appetite suppression in the mix also curbs my cupcake and macaron cravings that I pass so frequently.

If you have any questions regarding Advocare Spark or the 24 day challenge, please don’t hesitate to email me!


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