Wedding Snaps

For Memorial Day Weekend, Kevin and I went down to Floyd County, VA for our friend’s wedding. It was just a short drive from Virginia Tech, so we were also lucky to go down to campus to revisit our college days.  The wedding venue was a small winery down in the mountains and it was a little gem in the Blue Ridge. I took a few snaps on my phone (no reception anywhere, btw) and want to share them with you!



Beautiful sweetheart table



Sweet moment of the two while cutting the cake. Take a look at that gorgeous dress!



Tons of props to play with while dancing. I love my hipster glasses.



So happy we were both off work to enjoy this day. I swindled him into this sweet moment.



The cutest little venue (Chateau Morrissette)



The very best Pharmacy Phriends reunited



We set off floating lanterns after the reception. Some did get stuck in trees, oops.



We stayed in cottages at the Primland retreat.  This is the view of our cottage….

This is the gorgeous view of the Bridal Party Cottage (stolen from Alison) overlooking the Blue Ridge mountains.

I was really lucky to have Kevin with me.  Getting down south and navigating the  mountains was not an easy task.  The GPS was definitely not our friends. We drove around  lost for almost 75 miles. It was terrible. When we finally made it, it was all worth the trouble.  We loved seeing our friends again and cant wait to see them at the next (our???) wedding!


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