Subscription Saturday: May

I love PopSugar time of the month! Last month was pretty epic, so I am excited to dig into this month’s box.  It is always the greatest pick-me-up when the white and pink box shows up at my door. This month’s box is a little light, so it may have been a just a light-weight month! Health was apparently the theme, after all.



1) Toned Up DVD ($15): I have been expecting a work out video in one of these boxes.  It seems to have been a while since then, but finally we got one! There are two workouts on the DVD, and I believe these girls are big on YouTube. I may have to check out their channel some time.

2) Hi I’m Skinny Multi-Grain Sweet Onion Sticks ($4): Whoa, these are supposed to be healthy? I practically killed this full-sized bag in one sitting.  I mean, good thing they’re healthy, amirite?

3) Smell Bent St. Tropez ($45): OMG it smells so good. It basically smells like the beach–sandy, sunscreen, and the sun beating down on you. I’m lucky my pool opens today, because I am spraying this stuff erewurr.

4) Zing Anything Citrus Zinger ($17): I love fruit infusing water bottles, but I have never seen one like this. I saw it on the Today Show a couple days after receiving my box, so you know it’s legit.  There is a little juicer spike at the bottom of the bottle, so it extracts citrus flavor more into your water. Love this!

5) Kerry Cassill Eye mask ($24): Really, $24 for this? Ok, I would never buy it.  It is soft an the print is pretty, but I don’t think it should be worth that much.

6) Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Pool Boy Lacquer ($10): Oh they know my obsession with nail polish. I have yet to try this brand, but I have heard good things.  I don’t even know where to buy it. It is definitely a nice pool party looking color and I can’t wait to try it out this summer.


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