Wine Wedding

BF and I are ditching the city and heading down the lone country roads of Virginia to our friend’s wedding.  It’s being held at a little winery nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains not far from Virginia Tech, so we are excited to be back to our second home.

I 100% firmly believe in dressing appropriately for a wedding based on the personality of the couple and on the venue.  You won’t see me wearing a formal gown or a cocktail dress to this shin dig. I consider this a semi-formal wedding (shorter dresses) with a country feel (no neon, no cut outs). Suddenly all these months of buying different styles of dresses when they go on sale finally pays off. Side note: I buy dresses when they are deeply discounted without a cause so that I always have one on hand when the occasion arises.  Nothing breaks my heart more than having to pay full price for a dress.



1) This navy dress is similar to the Lilly dress I bought at one of the sales a few months ago. I love the crochet detail at the neck line that makes it a little saucy, but covered.

2) Since this is an outdoor wedding (on the grass!) wedges are absolutely necessary. Most people will probably opt for sandals, but since I am a shawty, I need the extra height to give me a boost, also to be in the same picture with my boyfriend with neither of our heads cut off.

3) I’m always a little awkward when it comes to wedding purses. I don’t want them to be too clunky, as I wont have any place to put them, but I hate when they are too small and I can’t fit anything. #FirstWorldProblems. I love this Marley Lilly one with the monogram. For graduation, I got each of my friends this clutch, including our bride! It’s a little nod to our Pharmacy School friendship.

4) Accessories. Lawdy, you know I love my jewelry. Pearl earrings are must, as my bracelet stack is a little bit much. My stack had a pearl set  and enamel bangle from Fornash, and a monogram cut out bracelet from Marley Lilly. I love how the script is for the monogram–it is a little vineyard-y and perfect for this wedding.

Congrats, Courtney and John!



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