Daily Dose 5/16

It’s Pay Day, Pay Day, Gotta get up for Pay Day! I am SUPER excited today because I am just two work days away from my vacation! I have a few exciting things coming up including the wedding of one of my best friends, starting a new diet program with the BF and my trip to NEW YORK!  I have never been, so this is going to be AMAZING!

I hope to have amazing pictures in the next few days, but here are highlights from this past week:



Quality First-world problems: choosing which patent pumps to wear to a wedding. I think I have a problem.



Thank goodness for the Drop portable water filter so I can fill up my water bottle at work without creepy DC water.



My cousin graduates from Virginia Tech this morning. Watching the Live feed since I couldn’t get down to the family soon enough



Found a new lunch spot with excellent atmosphere, and even better for happy hour.  Will definitely be a summer hit!


The box with aforementioned diet supplies. Will start pimping Advocare after I see results for myself.  BF and I are doing this together. Holler Solidarity.


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