Brush It Off

One of the things I love most about my PopSugar Box is that I get to try some pretty sweet new products.  One thing that has swept me off my feet is the Wet Brush.  Not just your normal hairbrush, but one used specifically with wet hair.  Prior to this brush, the only thing you could use on wet hair is a wide-tooth comb.  The Wet brush has wide-set rubberized bristles.  Although it says you can use it in the shower, it’s a feeling I am still not comfortable with.  It works wonders post-shower thought.

A cousin of The Wet Brush is the Shine Brush. If you look carefully, there are fine boars hair bristles on the brush to polish your hair.  In its description, it is great to use with a dry shampoo on mornings where you are running late–a life saver in my business, really.

My last little discovery in this family is The Hot Brush.  As you can guess, it is supposed to be used while giving yourself a glossy blow out a la Kate Middleton.  It is the same sort of design, but round–coming in different sized barrels.  The core of it is ceramic, and the brush handle is an insulated foam.

These three little gems have definitely stepped up my hair routine.  With my Asian Hair, I definitely was not one to invest in hair brushes…it was not a part of my morning routine since it lays limply and flat all day.  These brushes give me great volume–and amazing de-tangling.


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