First Doctorversary

In a very Doctor-Who like mood, I wanted to name this past year my first Doctor. I learned a lot of things this past years.  I saw many joys of being a pharmacist, and got really bogged down in the bad.  If there is a theme of what I learned this past year, is that success comes from putting others first.

On my best days on the job, I loved helping people.  I got instant gratification from going above and beyond my job description to help someone.  It’s usually something no one else had done for them, or something they didn’t expect me to do. It’s an exceptional feeling to know that you can change someone’s life for the better.

On the worst days on the job, I found myself resenting my patients and doing my best to support my employees. At the end of the day, I am in charge. Everything that happens at work, even when I am not there, is my responsibility.  That means I have spent countless unpaid hours helping out my staff.  It’s all about teamwork.  When I show that I care about them and the well-being of the store, it makes them feel like they have a good support behind them and they, in turn, want the store to succeed as well.

The bulk of this year has been one of professional development.  Most importantly, it is about becoming a leader.  To be thrown into a managerial position right away is just part of the struggle of doctorhood, but it is the first of many years where we learn to lead our team. I hope to improve in the coming years, and maybe it will be easy. Maybe not.


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