Make Up Monday 5/12

I used to throw my make up on haphazardly back in the day.  Like for painting, I thought primer was useless.  Fast forward to being a functional adult, primer is my one do-not-skip step of my morning routine.  While trying a lot of cosmetics, I also look into trying a lot of primer.  Among the drug store primers, I have heard great things about the Rimmel Fix and Perfect. 

It’s tinted, which I like no for the pigment, but so I know where I have spread the primer and where I have skipped.  It has a pleasant smell, so it’s not off putting in the morning. At the end of my long 14-hour shifts, I see little wear and tear on my make up.  Trust me, it’s not at all pretty when I don’t wear primer.  This is a definite recommended product by me!


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