There’s No Crying in Baseball

While a lot of guys (re: my boyfriend) hates baseball season because it marks the lack of football season, I love it. It’s not that I particularly like baseball itself.  I basically like one player in the entire league and I am enamored by the idea of sitting outside for several hours, drinking a beer, hanging with my friends, and jamming to random songs between innings.

Like football, baseball is started to cater to their female fans.  Everything short of a pink jersey (which I loathe) is now available to use girls to show our baseball spirit. GO SPORTS!


1) Obsessed with Pandora charms–there are sterling silver ones or wooden bat-like ones for your favorite MLB team

2) Marley Lilly monogram raglan tees. Yes, monogram everything!

3) OPI baseball collection. HOW ADORABLE. While not in team colors, there are some cute baseball-themed names for the colors

4) Jack Rogers. Always Jacks.  I love the baseball look of white sandals with red stitching, looks just like a baseball! If that’s not your cup of tea, try your team colors.


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