Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

I literally have bronchitis. And I literally do not have time for it.  Remember when we were really little and being sick for school was no problem? You just had to tell your mom, and she called the school and all was well. You got some soup, some ginger ale, and you took a nap and watched cartoons all day.

Now, I have to power through it.  Even if I feel a more than a little under the weather, I still have to show up, act all professional, and try not to vomit all over the counter. If I even have the nerve to call out sick, I still have to wake up the morning of, and call my manager.  Except it has to be at a respectable time, but also enough time in advance so that they can find coverage for me. Oh yeah, pharmacies cannot operate if a licensed pharmacist is not present.  So if I don’t go to work, no one gets their drugs.

Well, I finally did it. I called out sick last week, and it was a circus. I wasn’t too terrible, but I knew I was not going to last the whole day. I offered to open the store and wait for coverage to come in.  It sucked.  Coverage came in a 10, I still had to go to the doctor, get something to eat. By the time I get home to “rest” I can’t nap long or I wont be able to sleep at night. Being a grown up sucks.


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