Daily Dose 5/2

Hooray it’s my weekend off! Why do I feel like days off from work aren’t really “off”? There is always so much to do–basically everything you couldn’t do because you’re at work.  I’ll be headed down to the country to go to my boyfriend’s cousin’s baby shower with his mom.  Yup, I’m in the family. More happy thoughts:






I found the core! The hazelnut one is sublime. Amazing.



Oh you bet I got all decked out for Mean Girls 10 year anniversary.  It sounds cheesy, but this movie basically changed my life.  I was the target demographic for it when it came out. Like I was a junior. I WAS A PLASTIC.



We had an inventory Wednesday night. I literally sat there after close and counted everything. These pills have holes in them. Do I count them as a half or a whole?

Have a great weekend!


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