Daily Dose 5/30

I am super sad this is my last day in New York. We are heading down to the Today Show set for the Summer Concert Series. We lucked out and today is Rascal Flatts!! I hope to share some pictures soon, but here are flashbacks from this past week and the first day of the trip:


Going to SWVA always means a stop in our second home.



A picnic in Central Park. Perfect.



Dude, Wicked.


Empire State of Mind indeed.



The prettiest place I ever saw.

Have a great weekend!



OMG I saw Wicked last night and it was everything I could ever hope for. It was AH-MAZ-ING. Holy Cannoli. Just perfect.

On to regular business…If you have been following my Advocare Diary, I am enjoying a spark drink every day during this Advocare 24 day challenge.  They remind me of the Starbucks refreshers and are meant to replace the coffee in my life.

ME?? Give up coffee? Inconceivable! But yes, I have stopped drinking coffee and basically live off Spark. I drink one 30 minutes before breakfast and am pretty much set for the day. Even during my long 13 hours at work.  I am energized and focused.  When I am not working, I basically am a cleaning machine at home.  It gives me the ability to be productive and prevent the urge for me to sit around on my booty (as appealing as that actually does sound)–I just can’t sit still!

Advice: Citrus and Pink lemonade are delicious. Those were the flavors I chose. My boyfriend picked cherry and watermelon and they are horrid. We are waiting to get in a box of mandarin orange and fruit punch, so we can see what they all taste like and recommend.

It’s a little steep at $23 per box of 14, but let me tell you, it is well worth it, especially if it replaces your $5 Starbucks every morning.  Side note, I took this to New York with me and it is keeping me on my feet ALL DAY! Perfect for strolling the city. The little bit of appetite suppression in the mix also curbs my cupcake and macaron cravings that I pass so frequently.

If you have any questions regarding Advocare Spark or the 24 day challenge, please don’t hesitate to email me!

Wedding Snaps

For Memorial Day Weekend, Kevin and I went down to Floyd County, VA for our friend’s wedding. It was just a short drive from Virginia Tech, so we were also lucky to go down to campus to revisit our college days.  The wedding venue was a small winery down in the mountains and it was a little gem in the Blue Ridge. I took a few snaps on my phone (no reception anywhere, btw) and want to share them with you!



Beautiful sweetheart table



Sweet moment of the two while cutting the cake. Take a look at that gorgeous dress!



Tons of props to play with while dancing. I love my hipster glasses.



So happy we were both off work to enjoy this day. I swindled him into this sweet moment.



The cutest little venue (Chateau Morrissette)



The very best Pharmacy Phriends reunited



We set off floating lanterns after the reception. Some did get stuck in trees, oops.



We stayed in cottages at the Primland retreat.  This is the view of our cottage….

This is the gorgeous view of the Bridal Party Cottage (stolen from Alison) overlooking the Blue Ridge mountains.

I was really lucky to have Kevin with me.  Getting down south and navigating the  mountains was not an easy task.  The GPS was definitely not our friends. We drove around  lost for almost 75 miles. It was terrible. When we finally made it, it was all worth the trouble.  We loved seeing our friends again and cant wait to see them at the next (our???) wedding!


What is it about vacations, that work does not let you vacate? Seriously, on day FOUR of my vacation, I am still getting calls and texts about work. LEAVE ME ALONE! Fortunately, I am going to New York City tomorrow (for the very first time!!) and I am not going to answer and damn call or text about work.  Figure it out on your own. It’s harsh, but seriously, I need to peace out of a working state of mind. I am a really anxious over-packer and I always need to think of an entire outfit, by day, when I go on trips. So, the mother of all Polyvore posts have been created. I mean, remember when I went to Vegas? That was a hot mess.


When I travel, comfort is so key. I am not flying, so none of this “I am dressing up so I can get bumped to first class” business. I mean, I am taking the MegaBus, so I will look like a chic homeless person. I love traveling with the Marley Lilly Weekender Satchel. It holds everything and makes you look like a seasoned traveler.

I AM GOING TO SEE WICKED!!!! I am so excited. Not only have I never been to New York, I have not seen a musical ever, besides high school productions. I guess this purple and black theme is putting me more in a Wicked mood, I can’t do the green. No, sir. I do want to dress up without overdressing.  This flowy dress is great for the beginning of a New York Summer and I love my Jacks, where ever I go.
With all my hate on DC Tourist season, I will shamelessly be an obnoxious NY tourist. Comfy shoes, and iPhone out, I am ready to hit the streets of Manhattan. While crossbody bags are great, I need one of those larger satchels with a shoulder strap to keep me hands free, and also hold all of my junk. Longchamp shoulder straps start to slide when my shoulders get tired and it becomes a little pesky and burdensome. My tourist stops include The Today Show, picnic in Central Park, the Met, and all the flagship stores in New York.

My friend is currently doing a Residency at NYU, so I cannot wait to see him and have dinner! We are planning on going to Soho, so I figured I’ll head out there a little early and hit up some shops and go to the new Lauderee location, as well as bring some magnificent gifts home for my sister. I might buy out the whole shop this way.


Of course, I will always have essentials with me traveling to and from. iPad and iPhone to keep my busy, wallet with all my essentials, planner to plan out life beyond vacation, make up for touch ups, and always a snack.  Also, ALL OF MY MEDS. For the love of god people, this should be the first thing in your bag. I should not have to tell you to pack your drugs. Don’t wait until the last minute. It drives me up the wall. Look what I just did, talked about work. On my vacation. Someone stop me. NOW.

Hopefully this trip will help me wind down a little bit.

Make Up Monday: 5/26

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all who have served, and to their friends and families for loving and supporting them.

I love trying out new make up and while it’s a little risky to try out a brand new item the day of a wedding, I am sure glad I picked up the NYX wonder pencil. I have heard such great things about it, and unfortunately my CVS is always out of it. I found it at Ulta, so all is well with the universe.

It is described as a 3-in-1 stick used for concealing, reverse lip lining, and eye-popping.  I mostly use it as a spot concealer for those pesky blemishes that show up at the most inopportune times. since it comes in a stick form, it is extremely heavy duty and must be blended out a little bit so it doesn’t look too caky.  Love it. When it is covered by foundation, there is just a tiny bump where the blemish is, and nothing else. All for less than $5! I may try it out as a reverse liner or a water liner. But for now, it is a great concealer.

Subscription Saturday: May


I love PopSugar time of the month! Last month was pretty epic, so I am excited to dig into this month’s box.  It is always the greatest pick-me-up when the white and pink box shows up at my door. This month’s box is a little light, so it may have been a just a light-weight month! Health was apparently the theme, after all.



1) Toned Up DVD ($15): I have been expecting a work out video in one of these boxes.  It seems to have been a while since then, but finally we got one! There are two workouts on the DVD, and I believe these girls are big on YouTube. I may have to check out their channel some time.

2) Hi I’m Skinny Multi-Grain Sweet Onion Sticks ($4): Whoa, these are supposed to be healthy? I practically killed this full-sized bag in one sitting.  I mean, good thing they’re healthy, amirite?

3) Smell Bent St. Tropez ($45): OMG it smells so good. It basically smells like the beach–sandy, sunscreen, and the sun beating down on you. I’m lucky my pool opens today, because I am spraying this stuff erewurr.

4) Zing Anything Citrus Zinger ($17): I love fruit infusing water bottles, but I have never seen one like this. I saw it on the Today Show a couple days after receiving my box, so you know it’s legit.  There is a little juicer spike at the bottom of the bottle, so it extracts citrus flavor more into your water. Love this!

5) Kerry Cassill Eye mask ($24): Really, $24 for this? Ok, I would never buy it.  It is soft an the print is pretty, but I don’t think it should be worth that much.

6) Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Pool Boy Lacquer ($10): Oh they know my obsession with nail polish. I have yet to try this brand, but I have heard good things.  I don’t even know where to buy it. It is definitely a nice pool party looking color and I can’t wait to try it out this summer.

Daily Dose 5/23

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Y’all! I am so fortunate to be on vacation, and even more fortunate that I get to go down to SWVA to see Courtney and John get hitched! Kevin and I are ditching the hustle and bustle of DC to relax down at a winery and retreat with our favorites. Great photos are to come, but here are highlights from this week:



Finally, 100% Savings!




Oh Ted’s Bulletin, supplying me with coffee and blood orange mimosas…





Stopped in at a little boutique and saw this Kate Spade bag that is 100% me




Tater tots with our sushi. Reminds me of Richmond. However the sushi made me incredibly sick. Ugh.



Made little egg muffins for breakfast to help with our AdvoCare diet. Recipe to follow!

Have a great holiday weekend!

Wine Wedding

BF and I are ditching the city and heading down the lone country roads of Virginia to our friend’s wedding.  It’s being held at a little winery nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains not far from Virginia Tech, so we are excited to be back to our second home.

I 100% firmly believe in dressing appropriately for a wedding based on the personality of the couple and on the venue.  You won’t see me wearing a formal gown or a cocktail dress to this shin dig. I consider this a semi-formal wedding (shorter dresses) with a country feel (no neon, no cut outs). Suddenly all these months of buying different styles of dresses when they go on sale finally pays off. Side note: I buy dresses when they are deeply discounted without a cause so that I always have one on hand when the occasion arises.  Nothing breaks my heart more than having to pay full price for a dress.



1) This navy dress is similar to the Lilly dress I bought at one of the sales a few months ago. I love the crochet detail at the neck line that makes it a little saucy, but covered.

2) Since this is an outdoor wedding (on the grass!) wedges are absolutely necessary. Most people will probably opt for sandals, but since I am a shawty, I need the extra height to give me a boost, also to be in the same picture with my boyfriend with neither of our heads cut off.

3) I’m always a little awkward when it comes to wedding purses. I don’t want them to be too clunky, as I wont have any place to put them, but I hate when they are too small and I can’t fit anything. #FirstWorldProblems. I love this Marley Lilly one with the monogram. For graduation, I got each of my friends this clutch, including our bride! It’s a little nod to our Pharmacy School friendship.

4) Accessories. Lawdy, you know I love my jewelry. Pearl earrings are must, as my bracelet stack is a little bit much. My stack had a pearl set  and enamel bangle from Fornash, and a monogram cut out bracelet from Marley Lilly. I love how the script is for the monogram–it is a little vineyard-y and perfect for this wedding.

Congrats, Courtney and John!


Vacation Here I Come!

One more work day until my vacation.  13 Glorious hours stand between me and not having to think about anything pharmacy related until JUNE. JUNE YOU GUYS. NEXT MONTH. I am super excited because this is basically my first vacation in an entire year. While I did get a late notice on the exact dates of my vacation and couldn’t plan a fantastic beach trip, I did manage to schedule a few things to make the most of my vacation.  I have a few goals I need to meet so I won’t feel like it’s a waste.

1) The first check on my list is the wedding of a very good friend from pharmacy school.  It is tucked away in a vineyard in South West Virginia and we are all staying in cabin at this fancy celebrity retreat. It would be perfect to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

2) My cousin and I are going to NEW YORK! I had never been, so this is going to be 100% tourist-filled amazingness. That includes the Today Show! I also get to meet up with my roommate from pharmacy who is completing at residency at NYU

3) The Bond is the national publication of my fraternity that I am responsible for. I have been majorly slacking on it, so my time off will give me the time to focus my energy on it.  I have great for it and can’t wait to sit down to see it all materialize!

4) I need to plan my blog and write my posts.  If you have been paying attention, I have been playing catch-up on my blog for over two months. I just can’t keep up with my work day to day to keep blogging.  Honestly, as soon as I get home from work, all I want to do is sit on my butt and not do anything.  Other days, I am completely uninspired. I hope to sit down, plan everything, and get to blogging.

5) I have not yet finished the apartment yet. The walls are bare (due to lack of owning a stud finder) and there are no feminine touches. Hell, there are still cardboard boxes everywhere. This is going to change next week.

6)  I have a ton of projects I started and wanted to start, and now is the perfect time to finish them! I wanted to work on the whole “Evil Lair”-“vintage apothecary” thing we have going in our home. I have tons of props that I need to get working on.

This. Is. Going. To. Be. Awesome. That or I’ll just sleep in every day. WHATEVA!


It’s my half birthday! And I can’t enjoy a half piece of birthday cake because I started Advocare on Sunday! It’s been a good few days and you can follow my Advocare Diary from my main page here. Kevin and I are excited to start this journey to healthy living together. It mainly consists of the 24-day challenge and supplements when not on the challenge.  It’s a quick boost to eating healthy and making more conscious decisions when we eat out.



We are hoping to wittle the box of goodies down swiftly and quickly in 24 days. Hopefully they are not as bad as other products.  The first 10 days is the cleanse phase where we rid our bodies of all the gunk keeping us chubby. The Max phase is the remaining 14 days that help maximum nutrient absorption.



Ready, Set, GO!