Pasta for the Soul

I don’t cook a lot.  I know, take my woman card away.  My boyfriend is actually the one who loves to cook.  I kinda just stick by the food that helps me get by during late nights of studying or sad attempts of sobering up to study (YOLO). Then how, you ask, did I snag a man if I can’t cook.

Truth: I cooked one time.  I cooked one time four years ago, and he said it was the best thing he ever ate.  Last week, I cooked it again.  The irony lies in the fact that the second time I cooked for him ever, was the same dish. He didn’t hate it.  It is an entirely homey pasta dish and tastes great for days (you hear that, left overs??)

I love making it because it’s so easy. It echoes a little bit of Giada’s flavor, with the short cuts of Sandra Lee. Yes, I compare my food to the Food Network. DSC00391


Boil your pasta. I prefer penne for this dish. 

Slice up Kielbasa or another type of spicy sausage.  I like having a nice sear on at least one of the sides.

I don’t have a picture of it, but I just use a little packet mix of pesto sauce.  While that is reducing in a sauce pan, I sauté mushrooms and wilt spinach in a pan.


I pour the sauce into the pot of pasta to get a nice even coating.  I then stir in sausage and vegetables. I like to cook for the week, but this pasta is likely to last only two or three days.




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