Stalking the Duchess

It’s no secret that I love Kate Middleton. She is just one of my all-time favorite people, both personality and fashion-wise. I was already up and at it early three years ago today for her wedding to Prince William.  I stalked the door of the hospital when George was born, and now I am constantly checking websites everyday for the Royal Family Jr’s tour in Australia and New Zealand.

Thank you, internet, for providing amazing websites that allow me to see what all of Kate’s outfits are all in one place.  I believe these started popping up shortly before the announcement of their engagement.  People were catching on to Kate’s style presence and were documenting it.

1) What Kate Wore is basically every update from any outing Kate has been on.  Style spotters zoom in on the different pieces of her outfit and let us know (with links!) where her clothing and accessories are from.  During lulls, there are pieces on updates from Kate’s favorite brands, Kate’s favorite charities, and polls on our favorite looks for the year.

2) Repli-Kate is mostly Facebook-based.  Brittany helps us commoners find either exact pieces at deeply discounted prices or great replications so we can wear what Kate wears, without dropping our family fortunes.

There are tons more, but these are the only two that I follow religiously. And how adorable are these sketches that Brittany from Repli-Kate did?

Update: Brittany is offering prints of various duchess outfits if you donate to her charity! More details are on her FB page!


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