Make Up Monday: 4/28

No cosmetic feature this week, but rather a peek into my OCD side.  Like, really.  I hoard makeup, it is so embarrassing.  Among fantastic Sephora bi-annual sales, my drugstore couponing adventures, and the new Ulta opening across the street, I have acquired A LOT OF MAKE UP the past few months.

I also don’t like to use more than one type of product at a time, so I also have trouble picking out an item to feature on the blog.  So I made a list.  The list of all lists.  I made a database for all my make up.  Embarrassing, I know.  In one pad, I have three spreadsheets.  One for eyes, lips, and face products. Each sheet has a column of the brand and each item I have in that brand.  I also fill in the shade in purple if I have already reviewed it on the blog.  I’m weird, I know. 20140430-125805.jpg




Now do you see why I needed to go on a cosmetics fast? I am SICK.


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