The New Nude

Nude has been all the rage for a couple years.  Now with political correctness and plain inconsistencies of what nude actually means, many companies are creating “nude collections.”  Let’s face it: nude isn’t the same for everyone.  Sorry, white girl, but some girls are darker and some girls are lighter than your version of nude.

The best I have seen so far is from Christian Louboutin.  Although I do not own a pair, it is a dream to rock some red-bottoms with the perfect nude tone (did I really just say red bottoms?).  How depressing would it be if you bought some $600 shoes and it doesn’t even look nude on you?  They now have five “nude” shades for women of every color.  Genius, Chris, genius.

Going along the same lines is the nude makeup look.  Now, there are two schools of thought with nude lipstick.  The first nude lipstick cult is one that believes nude is skin colored.  The second school of thought is that nude lipstick matches the true color of the lip. IDEK.

Maybelline has a line of lipsticks, the Color Sensation Buffs collection, that has nude shades of all sorts of skin tones–even pinky ones for your true lip color.  Have at it! 

I love the more natural looks that are trendy these days, and that so many companies are accommodating their key purchase groups.  Women come in all shapes and colors, and these brands are realizing they need to have options for everyone!


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