Business Casual




When I first started pharmacy school, I was all about being the business bitch.  Like, power suits, excellent professional dress, and well tailored clothing.  I saw what my classmates were wearing, and it was certainly not up to par with what I had considered professional.  Rotations came around and I was not dressing up to my own personal standards.

Now that I am the working girl–and technically the boss lady, I need to step up my game.  I recently attended a meeting for all the managers in the district and really wanted to dress well.  How exactly do you dress up when you’ve gained a significant amount of weight since graduation and all your recent clothing is not exactly professional? I added a blazer, duh!


i had a poorly structured shift dress, but it got a little oomph with a well-fitting blazer.  With a pair of simple nude wedges, I managed to look presentable.  I see the blazer being a key player in my business outfits soon.


It’s really all about the accessories.  The right bag, shoes, and jewelry will really make the outfit pop.  Since my blazer is rather plain with little embellishments (a good thing!) I can wear a dressy and loud dress that I can use in other settings.  The blazer tones it down a little bit and makes it more serious-looking.

Also, I had a really good hair day:



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