Tea Time

Big sign of getting old: I’ll take a cup of tea over coffee any day.  I used to scoff at tea–it was just so old and traditional, and old fashioned.  Now that I am more concerned about the well being of my body and how I can improve myself to make the next work day better, I love tea.

Maybe it’s an Asian thing.  I love all sorts of teas: bags, flowering, loose, sweet, whatever.  I recently picked up a can of the Downton Abbey teas.  I mean, what a search it was for this little baby.  World Market had them around Christmastime, but it was sold out everywhere! I recently found it at Paper Source, so all is well now:


It seems I am not the only one.  Tea and tea accessories are popping up everywhere.  They are no longer playing to the traditional aspects of tea, but are making them more fun!

tea time

1) Tervis hot/cold mug ($16)

2) Pier 1 Happy Mug ($9)

3) Tea for two set ($16)

4) Pier 1 Turtle mug (so cute!) ($8)

5) Tardis tea pot ($48)

6) Bodum Tea Press Pot ($30)

7) C.Wonder Tea for One set ($38)

8) Teapot Tea Infuser ($13)

9) Teavana Macaron Tea Tins ($9)

10) Arta Tea Leaf Infuser 

11) Mustache Tea Bag ($23)


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